If there is something I love more about Amsterdam, it’s simply the fact I can walk around in a busy afternoon and look at the people. Yes, you got me right. This city is so busy, specially on weekends and I love how people are living their life freely. No one will ever point at you because of what you are wearing and the people do have a high sense of fashion there, highlighting the street style. I have noticed, that, most of them like to mix between the branded clothes, perhaps accessories, and the vintage clothes; could be from a second hand shop (surprisingly, it’s not a shame to buy from there) or stuff, that perhaps belonged to your mother and grandmother and now it’s the time to make them proud by wearing it yourself. We all know how happy your grandma will be to see you wearing some decent clothes of hers, haha! Myself, I know it so well. 🙂


The streets are colorful, people add life to them, between all the historical buildings and the canals which make Amsterdam a Venice of the North.


   Despite the Red district or the crazy smell of the weed which, personally I don’t like, but could be interesting to experience, there is something for every traveler’s taste here; whether you prefer culture and history, serious partying, or just the relaxing charm of an old European city.

   I don’t know if you are aware of it, but Amsterdam is one of the most popular destinations in Europe and the best is that 90% of the population speaks English as a second language, so it’s very easy to find your way there, make friends or discover the real city. I’m not still sure if that is the reason why travelers like to go there, or maybe because of its reputation for tolerance; prostitution is legalized and licensed in Netherlands and very visible in Amsterdam, therefore the window prostitution. Ups!


  Amsterdam was the first destination I have flown to, 3 years and a half ago and it’s always pleasant to go back and create more memories with my friends. I know, I’m lucky to get all of that in one package but I’m sure this is just the outcome of working hard in life, some quality time in a city with no boundaries.

  Talking about that, what captures my attention every time I go is the huge number of bikes I see literally everywhere. Mountains of bikes, sometimes I’m wondering how would you even find yours in a crowd like that, but for sure local people have their own way since, for them, it’s a way to commute to work, go to the shop and why not meeting a date for dinner. Two wheeling is a way of life there, not only chic but healthy, cause they are all in a good shape, plus I was looking at all the pretty ladies, wearing different dresses or skirts and riding the bikes, trying to make their way on the busy streets of Amsterdam, believe me, it’s a challenge to ride in the city.

  Bike bells “cling cling” and flowers sellers at every corner, that’s the spirit of the city and I totally love it.


   If we have to talk about art, I believe it’s not much I can say because everything is in front of your eyes while you are walking around, you can bump into a masterpiece anytime and I guarantee you this will feed your soul. I would like to recommend you Rijksmuseum, I have been there, totally worth it, but expect to spend some time because it’s quite big, well organized though.



   Oh, I was about to forget, you’ll need a lot of energy to explore the city and I’m sure at one point you’ll get so hungry that you’ll be able to eat anything anywhere. Don’t! A well deserved burger along with a beer, if you fancy it, will totally appease your hunger. And that is BurgerBar! Go for it!


  Until next time,




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