Alserkal lates

   Hello hello,

 We have decided to share a little bit of our “secret” place, where we love to hide and relax, work and get inspired or just be ourselves without having judging eyes on us.
This is how Alserkal works. It’s a different place in Dubai, a place you might not find at every corner, just because you don’t see warehouses transformed in restaurants, art galleries, days and nights filled with music, design, art, fashion, organic food and more.

The region’s foremost arts hub is situated in Dubai’s industrial quarter, Al Quoz. It’s the place where you feel like home and I believe that was also their target, when they came up with this brilliant idea of bringing people together to share their ideas and learn from each other, the place where creativity comes to life and where your horizons are getting expanded.

We won’t talk more about how much we love it, but we’ll let you go and check it yourself!

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           Our unique Zahra hiding behind her outfit.

 Alserkal Lates is the event that has captured our attention and we happily went to have a look on what’s happening there. Few hours spent on going from gallery to gallery, admiring art work , listening to live music, meeting friends and in the same time working. And by work we mean, capturing the style of some wonderful people that we’ve came across.


  We are so happy when we see that people are trying to look good, they are choosing their outfits with love, they feel inspired and they build stories with their outfits.
Enough talking, we are sure you all want to see some simple, chic, inspiring outfits.  Ready?

  1. Our stylish Parvane Barrete, founder of “State of Style” blog. As you might notice, style is very often used in Parvane’s life. As she is stating, she sees fashion as a way of living. Therefore this simplistic outfit is not as simple as we might think, since it got us like, “Wait a second, my grandpa had the same jacket years ago, how brave of her.” YES, dare for more, dare to be different, dare to inspire and look for inspiration everywhere.
    We liked her outfit in this evening, simply because it was different. I mean, would you really expect a 17 years old girl to wear something like this? Uhm, probably not. Well done, our dearest!

2. Meet Kimberley Denise, who spoke to us about her outfit choice for Alserkal lates. She loves to mix and match the vintage items with the branded ones. Her blouse belonged to her mother, but not anymore obviously, since the trends are back. Haha!  Just look at those sleeves! I’m sure you have all seen the latest posts by all the big designers on the market. This is how we add value to the items, it’s not an old one, but a vintage one, so wear it proudly. Loving the denim jumpsuit, loving the denim generally, but this combination is really cool. Bravo, Kimberley and good luck on your new project!

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3. We had the chance to meet Chahine, walking around Bernar Venet art pieces and we had to take a quick picture of him. Why? Because we always loved accessories and we do think that a hat is the difference in being dressed and being dressed up. We trust Chahine’s choice for this evening, his experience in fashion says it all. He considers it’s important to mix the moderate with the craziness, he doesn’t need long to choose what he will wear and his favorite pieces in the wardrobe are always the shoes. No matter how much he knows about this field, he is still frequently checking fashion magazines, street style pages or different fashion shows. Amazing! We love when people don’t stop investing in themselves. The most successful people never stop learning. Good luck, Chahine!

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Last, but not least, here we are, ta na na!

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Andra & Rashwan



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