Top 10 of ANA NOVIC

“I get my inspiration as a business woman and a dreamer from powerful women such as Coco Chanel or the amazing madame Grès.”


I have received a lot of compliments wearing her dresses, I was thrilled and she deserves all the rights for the wonderful work she does, that makes us all feel like super women! Therefore, I am beyond excited to share with you a super TOP 10 interview of Ana Novic, a unique Romanian designer, a powerful woman, a lovable wife and an extraordinary mother of Ingrid!
I’m sure you all want to know more about the one who is hiding behind these beautiful dresses I proudly wear and guess what? I managed to take some cool shots for you while visiting her!


1. Hello, Ana! Just to get things clear from the very beginning, why Ana Novic and not Anca Novic? Still confused about the name.. haha.

Hey! First of all, thank you for having me on your blog. It’s a pleasure. Well, Ana Novic because my real name is Ana. Anca is just a name that my family made up and that’s why my friends still call me Anca. That is also the reason you are confused. 🙂

2. No more confusions. ☺️ You make yourself remarkable wherever you go. How would you describe your style?

My style is… soulful, powerful, original, classic, authentic, sophisticated. Even if we think about my style as a woman or my style as a fashion designer, those words describe me the best in both ways.


3. Can you tell us something about the outfit you’re wearing today?

Sure! I’m wearing a fashionable velvet robe and a lace overall, both made by me. They’re very comfortable, easy to wear, classical but sophisticated at the same time, as I was saying earlier.


4. What/Who inspires you on a daily basis?

I get my inspiration as a business woman and a dreamer from powerful women such as Coco Chanel or the amazing madame Gres. The things we have in common is the power to fight and the desire to make a difference in the world with our talent. When I create, I get my inspiration from everything, from simple states of mind, to different situations, people around me or a vacation with my husband and daughter. Everything around us can be inspiring.
5. That’s how the art pieces are born. We know about your talent and passion, about the beautiful clothes you design, unique I would say.

You know, you are right and my creations are indeed unique because that’s what I’m trying to do every time I get something out of my workshop! I’m trying to get better everyday and I’m trying to make recognizable clothes. And it’s working. Lately, lots of my clients told me they didn’t have to tell the people around that they are wearing Ana Novic because their friends have already recognized “the style”.  And I am very happy and grateful for that!


6. When did the Ana Novic project start and how did it actually start?

I started when I was very, very young, playing with my dolls and making them clothes. 🙂 As a designer, I started taking myself seriously back in 2010, but my name was DaCapo. It was a thing from my childhood, I have always wanted to be named this way. After working for a few years under this name, I decided that I should make my own name known and I started from the scratch as Ana Novic. I was starting a new life and I wanted everything to be this way. I suffered a rebranding and, despite the fact it was like going from zero all over again, it paid it off. I’m proud I did this movement.
In april 2015 I had my debut as Ana Novic, launching my first official collection, “1”. It contained atypical night gowns with original cuts, sexy curves and the original element: manually paintings, a unique thing not only in my country or in Europe, but worldwide. It started from an idea I had and it paid it off. The collection was a success, and that made me and Veronica very happy. Veronica is my friend for more than 25 years, she is a painter and she did all the paintings. The Romanian press called our gowns “living paintings”, we did TV Shows, all the people were talking about them, even the international press. Looking back, I now realize it was a really big thing. I still get requests for manually painted dresses from my clients.

7. I have a curiosity ! Does a designer wear mostly her creations or she also  wears other brands?

Personally, when I go to events I only wear my creations. What’s the point of being a fashion designer and making women clothing if I’m not the best endorser for them? 🙂 90% of the time I’m wearing Ana Novic, and when I’m not, I have my clients or the celebrities I’m working with and I’m wearing their designs on different occasions. When I simply go out and everything is more casual, I tend to combine vintage clothing with my own stuff.


8. Tell us something about what gives you power, energy or motivates you every day.

The things that motivate me everyday are the power and the desire to become better, the certainty that I have the talent to make a difference, the feedback I get from all my clients, from the projects I work on and, of course, my friends and family. My amazing daughter and my husband, journalist and blogger, who is my biggest supporter. He believes in me very much and he is always telling me I can do and achieve everything I want. And I also truly believe in him because he is such a great person and he has achieved amazing things so far!


9. What are you currently working at? We know you are preparing to launch a new collection soon… Tell us more about it, of course, as much as you can share with us at the moment. We still like surprises!

In this very moment I am working on a special project that involves a celebrity. It’s a very cool one for OK Magazine Romania and I have designed a unique and original dress, never made before, which will make a huge impact, I am sure of that. The celebrity I am working with is very proud of me because I pushed my limits… again.

Besides that, I am working on my new collection, yes. It’s going to be an amazing event, an unusual one, of course, and I will tell you more about it next time, when I’ll also show you pics from the event and the full lookbook. Can’t wait!

10. Any piece of advice that you would like to give to the fashion lovers?

I would like to tell, not only to the fashion lovers, but to everyone to pursue their dreams and to never ever give up! Work hard and believe in yourselves and sooner or later you will get where you want to be and you will be proud that you didn’t give up, even if sometimes it was very hard. You are stronger than you think!



Thank you very much, Ana! You are a proof that impossible is nothing and here is the confirmation!

14721641_1857235307839691_3822467860601374286_n Our talented Ana Novic and her muse, the famous singer Elena Gheorghe wearing a unique hemp dress, beyond words…
@Ok Magazine

Beautiful Elena Gheorghe  wearing Ana Novic dress, picture by Sorin Stana

Few of the dresses I have proudly worn for different events and I must admit, Ana, everyone loves them! YOU are an incredibly talented woman!




Processed with Snapseed.


Andra Contiu wearing Ana Novic dress




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