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Dear future cabin crew,

This blog post is addressed to all the cabin crew wannabes, to those I am sometimes talking to already, to those who asked me questions and haven’t given them an answer yet or to the curios ones who want to know a little more about my job/your future job.

I’ve wrote down everything you guys asked me and I’ll answer 15 questions here in this article today.

Let’s get started!

1. How many languages do I need to speak to become a cabin crew?

English is the only language required to become a cabin crew. Of course, the more you know, the better it is for you (personally) and I admire you for that. If you speak more languages and you declare them when you join, those will stay on your file and they will use you as language speaker on certain flights.

2. I have a scar on my nose. Can I be a cabin crew?

It depends how big or how visible the scar is, if you can cover it with make up, probably you’ll be fine.

3. Can I go for the interview after high school graduation or is it mandatory to get a bachelor’s degree?

It is not mandatory to have a bachelor’s degree, but it is mandatory to be minimum 21 years old. If you want my personal advice, do your studies first and apply afterwards.

4. Do you have medical/dental insurance? How does it work?

Yes, we do have both. We have our own clinic and we can also be referred to some other clinics in Dubai for medical purposes. As per the dental we have an annual allowance subject to approval.

5. Will I be selected if I wear glasses?

Yes, that’s not an impediment. There are some rules in regards to Image&Uniform standards in terms of which glasses you can wear while at work, but that’s pretty much all about it.

6. How can you be promoted from economy class to business class?

I would say as a general rule, that you must complete a certain period of time working in Economy Cabin and keep a clean record. Avoid calling sick, unless of course you’re obviously ill, don’t get an absence and being a good crew at work and receiving compliments can also give you a boost. But mostly it also depends on how often and how many crew they need to join Business Class.

Don’t worry about that, just enjoy the process.

7. Can you have a holiday anytime you wish?

We have 30 days of leave balance per year and we can choose our holidays throughout the year by applying in advance. Of course, if it’s a very popular holiday, like Christmas for example, the chances to have leave assigned might drop a bit. Although, in 7 years I had holiday or days off over Christmas almost every year, so it’s possible as well.

8. What are your top three favorite layovers? (Layovers, not flights and not destinations)

This is a difficult question. Let’s say Bangkok, Brussels and Los Angeles. The reasons are quite obvious for those who know me, haha. Massage, vintage shopping + good coffee and LA vibes -beach, sun, friends, feels like a holiday.

9. Do you require a valid passport when you go for the interview?

You don’t, if you pass the interview you can apply for your passport straight after, as it will take a bit until they book your flight and all, you can actually plan everything and tell them also if you’re ready to start when they call you.

10. What do you think will happen in the near future in regards to your job of being a cabin crew?

I believe that the demand won’t be the same anymore, that’s something quite obvious and it has been announced already all over the world. But the industry will make its way back slowly. People still want and love to travel.

11. Do you have free accommodation? Or what do you have to pay for?

We do. The company will provide you accommodation, free of charge, fully furnished, your own bedroom and bathroom; you might have one or two flatmates. The only thing you need to pay is your internet bill. Also, if you’re entitled to move out of accommodation and wish to rent your own place, the company will provide a fixed allowance depending on your grade.

12. Are there any chances that traveling by air will get back to normal this year?

Most probably not throughout this year, as the new normal will look differently, but we will fly again and we will take small steps in making traveling around the world an enjoyable and safe experience.

13. Is this a job for girls only?

Not at all, we have so many male colleagues, if you feel like this is what you’d love to be doing, don’t hesitate to apply for the job.

14. Do you have to get the highest grades in training college in order to pass the exams?

No, you don’t need to be the best and you don’t need to have the highest grades, you just need to pass every exam as it’s required. Don’t worry about that, thousands of people made it, you will too.

15. Do you still have to wait 6 months in order to go for another interview in case you failed the first one?

Yes, I believe so. I know waiting is hard, specially when you have a high desire, but look at it as a time to improve yourself and be better at your next interview. Maybe your luck will also be better next time!

I hope you will find these questions useful and it will bring some light in your life in case you were wondering about any of the above. If there is more that you want to know, I will try to cover it in another post anytime soon.

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Sending you love,


Travels, Unfiltered

The road that lead me to becoming a cabin crew

It all started 7 years ago. No, hold on, it had started long before, by the time I was in University, back in Romania.

Yes, my mind was already working towards this path.

Did I know much about it? Very little! All I knew is that I pictured this opportunity like a dream job, a job where you get to travel the world and get paid for it, that you get to live in Dubai, the most luxurious city, be surrounded by so many different nationalities and get to learn and explore so much of this world.

And that was all right. I confirm it to you right now.

I didn’t drop out of my Uni that year that I had this thought of applying and going for the interview, simply because I wasn’t sure I am ready, at that stage, to leave all my life behind and start a new life somewhere else, far from my family and friends. It was that feeling “oh, this job sounds fantastic, but I am not sure I want it or I am now ready for it, but I would like to give it a try though.” I know many of you resonate with me by now.

How many of you have thought the same? That you would like to do something in your life, maybe this job or maybe something else, but you were scared. Not scared scared, but you had a fear of leaving everything you built behind, a career, a relationship, a business, you name it, maybe you thought you are too old for it or too young. But there were all these thoughts playing truth or dare with you and challenging you in taking a decision.

Let me simplify it all for you. When the time is right, everything will flow. When the time is right, you will know what to do. You will know that this is it, you must make a change and that’s the time when courage walks in and you leave your fears behind. And what a great future is rising in front of you!

I graduated in 2012, in Braşov, at Transylvania University in Braşov, Food and Tourism. Moved to Bucharest for a “better life” which wasn’t going to happen there. Woke up one day, feeling exhausted of living in Bucharest, working so many hours a day, sometimes going to work on weekends too, waking up much earlier because of the traffic in the city and arriving home quite late because of the same reason. I was barely able to have a normal life without falling asleep after work. I could sleep while eating, while taking, anytime. I wasn’t myself anymore.

One morning, I woke up and I said to myself this is it. What is all this work bringing me? Money? Way not enough. Health? Losing it at work. Friends? Barley have time to meet them. Love? Not able to give my best, always tired.

Was there anything I was doing that time bringing me closer to where I always wanted to be? Was that the life I chose for myself? Quite far from it.

I will move to Dubai, I said. No one really believed me. But I moved. To an unknown world, by myself. Packed a suitcase and left to meet and embrace my new life.

I was excited, nervous in the same time, but I had a good feeling. I was ready to work hard and I knew someone would appreciate the work I do. I was so blessed to meet amazing people that I love and keep in my life until today and I will never forget the role they played in my life. One day God took someone from me, but gave me abundance and love from the people I met.

I got a job at Mango, started working in sales. In the first week that I arrived in Dubai, on my second day, precisely, I went for the interview, passed it, chose the shop I wanted to work in and started my journey. It was a beautiful 3 months journey. Intense, tiring sometimes, but I loved it. I was happy. Working 6 days a week, but happy.

Colleagues and customers could probably read that happiness on my face and they thought it would look better if I would place it in Emirates. They need and love happy people there, haha.

Everyone’s dream around me was to be a cabin crew, some they tried, some they kept on dreaming, because those fears would play with their thoughts too, and some have tried and succeeded. I became part of the last category.

I was quite excited for my new life in Dubai, even though that involved working most of the time, I liked what I was doing and that is all what matters in life. Love what you do and you won’t have to work one day in your life. I have always liked the fashion industry and I know even today that if I would have stayed in retail I would be where I wanted to be by now in that industry, but I know life has better plans for me.

So I start listening and observing all what life was trying to tell me. And that day, on a Wednesday, this girl stepped into the store and right away asked me to go home and apply for being a cabin crew with Emirates.

Her advice was so straightforward , went directly to my brain. All I know is that I went home, applied for the job, took some pictures in my room, edited them, send them through and went for the interview in Dubai at Emirates headquarters.No more excuses.

Those thoughts I had during my studies came back to me and I turned them into actions.

Passed all my interviews and couldn’t believe it. Before 2012 ended I already got the golden call. That’s 2 months after I arrived in Dubai. My 2013 started on a very positive note.

It was the year that start giving me life. If 2012 kind of sucked it all out of me, in 2013 I had freedom, I was traveling the world, I was making new friends, I started having different priorities in life and being more grateful. That year I understood that it is so important to dream, to have goals and visualize them, they will all come true when the time is right.

And that was my time. I would have not been happy if I would have taken this job years before. I am thankful for not rushing and giving it time.

This year, it will mark 7 years (my favorite number) of adventures. Because my life was an adventure ever since.

I am still grateful, I still love what I am doing, I find something to look forward every time I do a flight, specially being on a mission to have a great cup of coffee somewhere in this world, you know it all by now.

It is a very different experience, it is an opportunity that you must take advantage of at the fullest .

How long will I do it for? That I don’t know, but when the time is right, my life will choose a better path because my mind is already working on it.

I learned to have patience, discipline, something I am working on every day now, but the most important to live in the present and not to become too busy working only on my future cause I will miss on living. One step at a time. Take a deep breathe. Decide what you want to do with your life and then take small steps towards it.

If becoming a cabin crew is what you dream of, start talking to those who already are, ask them questions, go online and inform yourself, go for an Open Day, take that interview, start flying, experience it for minimum 1 year before you quit.

It might be or it might not be for you. And you will only find out the moment you try.

Even if that means giving up on something else. It’s your life, choose wisely. Have no regrets, cause at the end of the day, you will never regret something you have tried doing, but something you have never tried. And trust me, that thought will follow you all your life.

Give wings to those dreams!

P.S. The day that girl walked to me and told me to go get this job, changed my life. And what makes me happier is that five of you already told me you have became a cabin crew because of finding inspiration in what I share with you on social media. It makes me so happy, and my mission is not yet completed. I hope more of you will find the inspiration and the courage to start. And one day, when you feel like, message me and tell me that. I will be so happy for you.