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My pinky Foreo experience

Hello pretty girls and handsome boys!

I know it’s been a while since we last spoke, but you know me, I’ve been busy traveling the world and style hunting as usual.

I am very happy to write this post from the other side of the world, currently in Australia, because I really wanted to share my Foreo experience with you.

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I got my pretty Foreo about a month ago, a month that I took time to try it and carry it with me around the globe, you might have seen it with me in Bali, just the other week, those who are following me on Instagram, @andra_contiu.

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That’s one of its advantages, small, handy, easy to fit in your travel pouch and I simply love that!

By now, most of you know what this product is about, probably you have seen it all over the media and still doubting the magic it does, but trust me, it’s my first time recommending a beauty product, specially because it is skin related and I pay more attention to it than ever before.  I saw good results very quickly, so it made sense to give you a little first impressions rundown.
The first thing I noticed with this is how gentle it is on the skin, which I’m so on board with! The sonic pulses softly vibrate on the face, purifying the skin and ensuring a peachy-clean, oh so soft complexion after just a minute’s use. How awesome?!

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The only downside with the Luna Play is that it has a limited lifespan, but you get it for 100 uses – there’s no way to replace the battery or recharge it. Honestly, I think that’s quite a good deal – the Luna Play is meant for girls on the go, for popping in to your hand luggage for travelling, so I kind of like that you don’t need to pack a cable or charger.

Luna Play claims to:

  • gently remove dead skin cells
  • unclog pores
  • remove up to 99.5% of oil and dirt
  • leave your skin glowing, radiant and smooth.

What I have seen myself: All of the above.

I am not usually one to rave about skin care gadgets, but this is a winner. It’s affordable, efficient and the results speak for themselves.

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As you can see, Luna Play has two rows of tiny little silicone bristles. The brand suggests that smaller “touch-points” should be used on gentle skin areas such as cheeks and forehead, while larger ones are best for the T-zone.

Here is how you should do it:

1. Apply your cleanser, switch on Luna Play;

2. Massage your skin in circular motion for 1 minute;

3. Rinse off and follow-up with your skin care routine.

 I believe it works best for improving blood circulation and making the most out of your cleanser.  I love working my Luna Play in an upward motion, so that it helps lift and tighten skin. It never irritates and as long as you wash it prior every use – you should not experience any breakouts. I love using this device on a daily basis; especially after wearing a lot of make-up, to really awaken and clean my skin since I travel so much. I feel Luna Play is a great gateway drug to the world of Foreo cleansing devices; although it only lasts up to 100 uses – it will certainly give you a good idea whether or not you need to invest in Luna 2 or Luna Mini 2 (which you can recharge by the way).

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I love my Foreo Luna Play and I am sharing my honest thoughts with you just because it’s really worth experiencing this on your own skin, trust me, you’ll feel the difference, the same way I did.

It’s not an overrated product, it is simply a product that does what it says and that’s why we are all so happy about it!

If you have tried a Foreo product, share with me your experience, would love to know how it makes you feel!