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If you only do these two things, you’re doing enough

In this blog article I am going to share with you my two most important tasks of the day and please, let me tell you that, if this is ALL you do for yourself on a daily basis, trust me, this is THE BEST you can do.

Yes, it has a huge impact on you, I can’t even say this enough, but feeding the mind and training the body are the two best things one can do in this life.

We sometimes tend to focus so much on one goal that we want to achieve that we completely neglect anything else. How many of you are so much focused on losing weight right now? I am! So if you are like me, you’re probably exercising daily or at least three good workouts per week. You must be on a very healthy lifestyle, you have a nutritionist looking after your diet and you’re watching closely your sleep and the quantity of water you must drink every day.

If you are not on the same page with me, probably it’s the right time to revise what you are doing and work smarter on that diet.

By the way, for me it’s not a diet anymore, it became a lifestyle. I love it so much, I love the way it makes me feel, the daily exercises, the fact that I have a good sleep in the night ( I finally go to bed early), the fact that whatever I give my body it’s not a love & hate situation anymore but a love & love one. We learnt to love each other.

That all sounds perfect until now! But then let me ask you, and now we reach to the point I was looking so much forward to, how many of you are still focused on training your mind as well?

In a world that is so preoccupied with the physical aspect, are you the exception that is working on both? Are you training your mind as hard as you’re training your body?

Ask yourself this question, balance the situation and make sure it’s all in your favor. I love and admire a healthy body, I know how much hard work is behind that, the motivation and the dedication of exercising and sticking to healthy habits, but what is a healthy body without a healthy mind?

So my only advice I would like to offer to all of you, it’s like a small virtual gift and I do it because I would like to share with you all the beneficial changes I am going through, is this: do not neglect your mind and where you are right now in your life, it’s important to train your mind every day, do it at least for 20 minutes, read all the books you have at home, if you only have one, read it ten times, I guarantee that you’ll still learn something new after you read it for the tenth time. If you don’t like reading or you don’t have the time, there are so many audio books, you can listen to one while you’re driving or while you’re exercising. You can perhaps listen to a podcast or watch a Ted Talk. Maybe you want to invest 20 minutes for your business and start to explore and read what is new in the market or what can bring you an advantage.

Whatever it is, don’t find excuses and take twenty minutes every day for yourself, for your mind and invest in developing your knowledge. Twenty minutes is something we all have and why not doing something that adds value to who we are and to who we are about to become?

Being stuck at home, doesn’t necessarily have to mean being stuck in life or being stuck in your thoughts, but we can turn that into growing at home or self-developing at home, becoming better, becoming wiser, being more focused and feeding our brains with the right information, to be more precise.

Let’s all take a break from negativity, panic and stress. We can overcome the situation we are ALL in, by first, accepting it and then trying to act on it. How? If we all focus on ourselves and our growth, together we can add more value to this Planet, together we can share great ideas and this is, honestly, the best time to connect, to give and not to expect anything in return.

My dear darling, offer yourself forty minutes a day. Twenty to train your body and twenty to train your mind. Trust me. It’s a process that will answer so many of your questions and it will calm so many anxious thoughts. Turn this situation in your favor and offer yourself this gift. You deserve it! Life is meant to be lived at your fullest potential!

So much love,



Why fashion matters?

Fashion matters. 

To the economy, to society and to each of us personally, of course in different proportions.
Faster than anything else, what we wear tells the story of who we are or who we want to be. Fashion is the most immediate and intimate form of self-expression. Personally, I admire people who choose their clothes carefully, who do some research about latest trends, who consider what suits them the best or who, at least, check themselves in the mirror before going out. Not to mention that I do look at people’s outfits a lot, specially when I travel around the world, I’m sometimes looking for inspiration, other times I just want to see how the city looks like through the people’s street style.

Fashion deserves to be taken seriously and celebrated for its beauty, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. The fashion industry is among the most aspirational and dynamic of all industries. Its best designers, as with all great artists, imagine, initiate and move culture on. The cut or pattern that first appeared on the catwalk soon finds its way onto store shelves and into our wardrobe. Whether or not we like to admit it, what we wear and how we wear it is inevitably influenced by designers’ ideas and creative decisions.
We all follow trends or at least we take what we want out of what the fashions masters dictate in the fashion magazines, tv, catwalk or lately, through the influencers.




The “clothes that wear us”

At heart, fashion is all about the art of self-adornment: the visual presentation of ourselves to the external world.
What we choose to wear reflects how we view the world and how we want the world to view us.
The prehistoric caveman with the latest beads, the post-war woman in Dior’s New Look, the latest fashion blog recording street style as it happens, they are all tied to our very human need to express individuality.
We all have our unique style and that’s where the beauty is, because we are all different, therefore we choose to express ourselves in million different ways. How many times we wear something that we want to be comfy in, like a cotton t-shirt and cotton trousers, just because we are not in a good mood or we don’t feel like dressing up and so on. Style says a lot about how we feel at that time too.


I love to spend time shopping, reading, going through fashion magazines, Instagram pictures, I take time to prepare my outfits too, most of the times, otherwise when I have no inspiration I just play it safe with basics. However, I’m careful at not crossing limits and spending too much time doing this and getting exhausted only trying to look perfect!
That shouldn’t happen, it’s all supposed to be a funny creative game that will make us happy when we see the final result in the mirror.
And the most important advice I could give is: if you need help ask for it!
You have friends that are more talented than you are, you have an Instagram account or a Pinterest, people who look cool anytime without any effort, people more interested in fashion, or even the stylists that they do this for a living. Call them, check those pictures, ask Google. You have so many options that could help you when you have no ideas or you simply feel less inspired. Just shout for help! 🙂




Fashion has been and always will be a constant part of our existence. Why?
Because FASHION really does MATTER.


Outfit: Zara boots & Mango jeans jacket
Photographer: Sinziana Dobos
Location: MET Museum NY

Until next time, 

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Welcome to my world

Hey Hey, în altă ordine de idei! 🙂

Probabil, v-ați obișnuit deja cu articolele scrise în limba engleză, însă azi, m-am decis să scriu unul și în limba română și în funcție de feedback-ul vostru,  aș putea, pe viitor, să scriu mai des si genul acesta de articole 🙂
Nu cred că am pomenit mai nimic până în prezent referitor la jobul meu sau ceva legat de călătorii ori chiar de programul de muncă.
Pentru cei ce nu știu prea multe despre meseria de stewardesă, care bineînțeles, diferă de la o companie la alta, azi o să vă povestesc despre ce program avem noi, stewardesele, pe unde zburăm, câte zile libere avem și așa mai departe. Plus că, rubrica de comentarii este deschisă pentru oricine are întrebări sau curiozități în acest domeniu, pentru că multe fete sunt interesate, cred că articolul acesta va prinde bine tuturor și va elucida puțin din misterul jobului.

Ei bine, și luna noastră are tot 30/31 zile ca a oricărei alte persoane, doar că zilele noastre zboară la propriu, haha! Știți cum e, cu mic dejun în Dubai, prânz la Paris, cina la New York?! Se întâmpla adeseori! Se întâmpla des și să luăm toate mesele în avion, undeva deasupra lumii, deci, vă puteti închipui!

Programul nostru de zbor ne este dat, de obicei, pe la jumătatea lunii în curs și primim toate zborurile pe luna următoare. Știm exact unde si când vom merge, cât vom sta, care ne sunt zilele libere, cu cine zburăm, practic toate detaliile de genul.
Emirates zboară în peste 150 destinații, deci avem toate șansele sa fim pe 6 continente într-o singură lună!

În principiu, avem opțiunea de a ne alege destinațiile, dacă îmi doresc ca luna viitoare sa merg în New York, am posibilitatea să cer zborul respectiv în decursul lunii urmatoare. Putem avea maxim 5 preferințe, fie că sunt orașe, țări sau zile libere într-o anumită perioadă a lunii, lucru care imi place la maxim.

SnapseedPoza din ultimul zbor în Sao Paulo, unde am primit cadou, de la o doamnă, aceste decorațiuni origami. 

Primim mereu zborurile pe care le cerem?

Asta depinde din ce grup faci parte și care e nivelul de priorate în perioada respectivă. Avem 7 grupuri în Emirates, fiecare stewardesă aparține unui grup, încă nu știu exact după ce criterii ne-au departajat, cert este ca încearcă sa puna într-un grup, oameni care, probabil, au personalități asemănătoare, concluzie dobândită în urma unui chestionar care l-am făcut cu toții atunci când am fost recrutați.
Nu e ușor sa pui la un loc 23.000 de cabin crew si toată lumea sa se înțeleagă cu toată lumea. Haha!
Așadar, dacă grupul cărui aparții, are o prioritate ridicată în luna respectiva, ai șanse mai mari sa obții ce îți dorești. Grupurile se rotesc lunar, așa că toată lumea ajunge să fie TOP BID sau RESERVE, unde ma aflu eu în momentul acesta. Upss!

O să vă povestesc mai multe și despre luna de rezervă, însă e important să știți că indiferent de programul primit, avem dreptul să ne schimbam zborurile între noi atâta timp cât sunt aprobate toate legalitățile. Spre exemplu, dacă ai cerut un zbor de Paris și nu ți-i l-au dat, poți să cauți pe cineva și să reușești să-l schimbi cu un alt zbor, cum ar fi Londra si uite așa ajungi unde ți-ai dorit. Nu e chiar atât de rău, nu?

Zborurile din cursul unei luni sunt diverse, poți ajunge în America, stai acolo o zi sau două, depinde de destinație, după care te întorci acasă, in Dubai, vei avea minimum 2 zile libere dupa un zbor atat de lung, maximum 5 și poti să pleci în Europa. Te întorci, poti avea un zbor dus-întors, undeva pe aproape care e de obicei de 2-3 ore un sector și nu necesită ședere, după care vei reveni in patul tău, acasă.
Apropo, nimic nu se compara cu somnul din patul de acasă.❤

Am încercat să exemplific, pe scurt, cum ar decurge o lună de zbor și cum sunt alese destinațiile și faptul că, nu e necesar să zbor numai într-o parte a lumii, că zborurile sunt diversificate și cel mai important, fiecare lună de zbor e diferită, având în medie undeva la 10-12 zile libere pe lună și aproximativ 6-7 zboruri.
Ei bine, luna aceasta, e luna mea de rezervă, mi-a fost data așa aleatoriu, fiecare dintre noi trebuie sa treacă prin asta o dată pe an.

IMG_2832Poză după zbor, când am ajuns la hotel în Sau Paulo și mireasa dorea poze cu noi. Iertați claritatea! 🙂

Ce înseamnă a fi în luna de rezervă?

Înseamnă, practic,  a nu avea un program de zboruri, a nu știi unde te duci și când te duci. Haha! E chiar mai palpitant decât de obicei, nu?
Este o lună, în care afli zilnic ce program ai pe ziua următoare, în jurul orei 6 după amiaza, vei fi anunțat dacă următoarea zi ai zbor sau o zi liberă, ori de cel mai multe ori STAND BY, practic stai în așteptare, fie acasă, fie la headquarter, gata pregătit sa fii scos pe zbor oriunde în lumea asta.

Luna mea de rezervă a început frumos, cu 2 zile libere, in care m-am bucurat de Dubai, după care am avut un home stand by, de la 3 la 9 dimineața, iar în jurul orei 4 m-au sunat sa imi spună ca zbor in… Brazilia, Sao Paulo! Ugh, da, după cum vedeți programul nu este unul de la 8 la 17. Poate fi în timpul nopții, dimineața, însă, oricând ar fi, tu trebuie sa fii odihnit și pregătit de zbor. 🙂
Sao Paulo este la mai mult de 14 ore de zbor, atenție, nu de ore de munca, de Dubai. Spun de zbor, pentru că, noi ne pregătim cu aproximativ 4 ore înainte de ora plecării. Așa ca, e un zbor destul de lung, însă iti asigura multe ore de servici, ceea ce te asigura ca indiferent de ce va urma în cursul lunii, măcar ai niște ore la activ. Aș zice ca e un start bun.

V-am scris acest articol tocmai din Sao Paulo, inspirată fiind de minunăția acesta de reserve month, care mă trimite în capătul lumii, de la peste 50 de grade Celsius, la 15 grade în timpul iernii, fără a-mi face bagajul corespunzător, Style Hunter, right? Direct de sub plapumă! Mi-e plină geanta de rochițe și costume de baie, ca eu tare mi-am dorit să ma trimită undeva pe plaja, unde aerul e mai respirabil decât în Dubai în timpul verii. Haha! Nu ma plâng! Viața este frumoasă așa cum e ea, plină de surprize și trebuie să ne bucurăm pe deplin!

Vă las niște poze din Sao Paulo de data trecută, cand vremea era mai generoasă și am ieșit la o plimbare și promit să vă țin la curent cu ce mai urmează.
Mă găsiți pe Instagram andra_contiu, unde sunt destul de activă cu Instagram stories și puteți sa călătoriți cu mine sau să treceți prin același emoții când am stand by-uri și mă tot gândesc pe unde voi ateriza! Haha!

Vă pup și vă îmbrățișez! Sper că v-a plăcut si v-a fost util acest articol!






Bye Bye! Going back to Dubai! 🌞




Drops of happiness

February showers bring March flowers.

I have not seen anyone loving the rain more, anywhere in the world, than the way they love it in UAE.


I mean, let’s be honest, I am from Europe and I know very well how Europeans behave when it starts raining, we get all moody and comfy in our beds and we start complaining about how bad the weather is and then we go to sleep, cause nothing beats the sleep with the music of the rain on.


Well, the opposite happens in Dubai and you must experience this! Rain comes with happiness! When the first drops are seen we all jump out of beds and we go out. Go out to feel the touch of the warm rain drops on our bodies, to walk in the rain, to drive in the rain, to dance in the rain, anything, but we don’t stay indoors! We simply don’t! For instance, we’d rather go and take some cool pictures! 🙂


Staying fashionable regardless the weather?!

We all know how hard that is, no one feels like making any effort to dress up on a wet weather, but it shouldn’t be that difficult!


First, make sure you stay warm at all times and you’ve got the right boots on! How else would you be able to jump around and splash water all over?

No umbrella? Nothing to worry about! 



Put on a hat, I guarantee it will protect you from the rain as much as it does it from the sun!

There you go! All set, ready to Click, Click, Click, ohhh wait,  Taxiii!!!


Now tell me…

When was the last time you fell in love with the rainy weather? Come on, if not the drops of the rain, then what brings out the romantic side in you?


Grab his hand and swim in laughter, 

Dance together and he’ll be your lover. 





What is your obsession?

” I wanted to examine the single dot that was my own life. One polka dot: a single particle between billion.”


I’m thinking for a while now, if I actually have any obsession and most probably not. I don’t even know if that is a good or a bad thing. I believe it depends on the type of obsession or the intensity of it.


It might be good if you think about the fact you are not addicted to anyone and anything. But when you turn your dream and your passion into an obsession, I believe you are 100% focused on success. It will bring the success! You will make it! Just because everything revolves around your obsession!


That’s what Yayoi Kusama (87 years old!) Japanese artist, did!
Her Dots obsession turned out to be a success and took her work all over the world!

This is when the love is transformed into dots! Nothing makes more sense to her, but dots. She sees dots everywhere. There is no life around without the polka dots.


I know, many of you will find it silly, you will say the same as I did, yeah, right, everyone can do it, just some dots hanging from the wall or laying on the ground and here is the art, there you are, a successful artist. But she start working on her project back in the 1990s. It takes perseverance, it takes motivation, it takes strong belief in what you are doing, she was basically breathing dots for 26 years now and today everyone knows about her.


I have seen her work currently in Sharjah Art foundation, it might be looking simplistic but it brings happiness! So again, she knew exactly what her purpose was.


Here are some of our fun pictures taken on the day, around Kusama’s dots. She makes you breath those dots, I’m telling you!



Xenia Gazi tasting dots. 🙂




Based on her words I dare to say that we must be living in a colorful polka world.

Therefore I want you all to examine your polka dot. Examine your own life.

Let today be the magical beginning of an enchanted life.




2016 My year to shine


Last day of 2016 is over. I don’t know about you, but I still can’t believe this year is gone. Is the time passing differently lately? Or is it us who just can’t get enough and we are never satisfied, we don’t know how to value every second in the right way.

Regardless the reason that time seems to pass at different speeds I just want to tell you all that 2016 was an absolutely unforgettable year and YES, it was my year to shine! This is what I wrote exactly a year ago on a piece of paper… 2016 will be my year to shine!

Many things have happened, had million reasons to smile, to be grateful for, to be thankful for, to be happy for!

I have done my retrospective for this year, I know all the goals  I have accomplished, some of them are in progress and some might have been delayed, not because I have not worked for them, but sometimes we are very demanding with ourselves, which could be in the same good and less good, cause we might not reach all our targets, but, please, please, focus on the good! Always!

Life is too hard not to make it fun!

Rewarding yourself is an important part of success! It is absolutely essential that you make self reward an integral part of your routine. Don’t leave it like that. Talk to yourself! Trust yourself and believe you can do it! You can do it all! Rewarding yourself for victories, big and small, will make a world of difference!

What are your personal plans/goals for 2017?

Have you written your resolutions for the New Year? If not, do it today, don’t postpone it, oh, this could be one, don’t postpone anymore!:)  Take an hour, make yourself a cup of coffee or dare for some bubbles since the New Year is right at your door and visualize your year; once you put everything down on a notebook, you’ll feel better about yourself. If you still don’t trust me, give it a try and you’ll see that this will be the first step in knowing where to start from.

Your goals must be very clear and if you want my advice, this is how I do it all the time , I split my goals and plans across the various categories: self-development, financial, spiritual, professional, health, etc.

This way, by the end of the year you’ll know exactly your progress and I’m sure that will put another big smile on your face.

Be bold in your goal setting!

Don’t worry if you have never done it before! Don’t let anything and anyone hold you back, we are all capable of more than we think.

Find a role model. This will help a lot, surround yourself with succesful people, people who are good at what you want to achieve. Do what they did, do it your way. Look for inspiration! I love doing that!

2017 will be my year to shine!

Write this down and remember every day how lucky and loved you are, you special soul.

Have a wonderful celebration, wishing you a successful year, value yourself and don’t forget to shine!

Take your dreams seriously! If not YOU, then who? If not NOW, then when?