My morning ritual

They say that high victory is made in those early morning hours when no one’s watching and while everyone else is sleeping and I can’t agree more with it.

I know this article has been requested by many of you when I started implementing my 5 AM morning ritual, but I really wanted to try it out myself, for a longer period of time, and I am extremely happy to say that tomorrow I am celebrating 66 days since my life has changed for better. So I can, now, proudly say, that I do have a habit I am gonna stick to for life!

Before we continue, I would like to let you know that there is a bit of reading in this article although I tried to summarize it as much as possible, but you deserve valuable information.

What did I learn in these 66 days?

• That if you own your morning, you’ll elevate your life. 100%

• If you take excellent care of the front end of your day, the rest of your day will pretty much take care of itself. Trust me!

• If you don’t keep rising daily you’ll get stuck in your life, for the rest of your life. (As I used to)

• Win the morning and you win the day. All you need to know.

Let’s go back in time little bit since you might be wondering how did it “hit” me to start doing this, also when my life and my sleep is a bit different from many of you, my days and nights are never the same, so from this point of view might be a bit more difficult, but not impossible and all I can say I feel better than ever!

Since last year, November, I started exercising daily for minimum 30 minutes, some of you might remember my Fitness Challenge, and it felt so good that was hard to stop. And then, if I happened to skip a day, I used to feel guilty, when the old version of me would be very glad not to “waste” her time going to the gym. (Still can’t believe how much we can change in a short period of time)

On September 2019, I have also started a healthy meal plan with my nutritionist and fitness trainer Alexandra, who came like a blessing in my life. She literally messaged me when my body was the heaviest or let’s call it I was really getting fat (unfortunately) so she was my wake up call.

I ended 2019 eating healthy and exercising, dropped 6 kg and felt so much better from this point of view. I was happy with myself.

But then… I spent the whole day, on 31st of December, making new resolutions for 2020 (something I do every year) new goals, personally, financially, professionally, spiritually and so on.

I tried to be as specific as I can, I draw myself, the old me, the new me, I put everything down on the paper and then I said to myself that this year it will be huge!

There were few days during January, it was only the beginning of the month, when I woke up around 11 am in the morning, stayed in bed on the phone for another hour and tried to motivate myself to do million things when half of the day was already gone!

I have already put myself in a bad mood from sleeping too much and it wasn’t a quality sleep at all, because I used to go to bed very late in the night. I was getting all types of energies from watching people’s lives on Instagram and then I was stressing and trying to rush to do something throughout the day. Impossible. I am sure some of you might feel the same and that’s ok. The first step is always to admit and to see where the problem is.

That day I said that’s it! If I continue like this, my mind, my soul, my whole being won’t be able to accomplish anything from what I wrote down few days back. I must change something, I must implement a morning ritual that makes me wake up in a good mood, that makes me wake up rested and happy, that allows me to start the day peacefully and to feel motivated. All I know is that I had to do something ASAP.

I had the desire, I really felt it from within, but now I had to bring some action to it! So I spent the whole day listening to different podcasts about how successful people start their morning, I wrote down notes, many of them, I put them all together in the order that I would prefer to do them myself and I came up with my morning ritual that simply elevated my day and my energy.

I tried it for almost a month, it was a game changer, but then I start reading Robin Shorma’s book, called The 5 AM Club and realized that I was on the right path. I was really getting more things done that ever before, I was more disciplined, more organized, time was becoming more precious to me, I was investing more in my body, my mind, my spiritual being. I loved his book, it might not be for everyone but if you put your hands on it, give it a try and let me know what you think. As I was going through it, I started changing little things in my morning ritual, actually the only major thing I had to change was the fact that I start my morning with a workout instead of doing the workout last, after my mediation and all. And he explains it well why is this working better.

This is what I do every morning. And I am sharing it with you simply because I know how powerful it can get. I really hope some of you are going to try it. Are you ready?

• I set my alarm for 5 am in the morning every day and I don’t snooze it. When the alarm rings I get up right away. When you snooze your alarm, you delay your goals.

• My day starts from doing my bed first, (trust me on this) then I wash my face, brush my teeth, smile in the mirror (you deserve to be kind to yourself)

• Drink a big glass of water with vitamins.

•Go for an intense workout, usually a 30 minutes run, followed by a good stretch. (It’s important to sweat, so don’t just do something too relaxing -you have your evening walk for that-)

• Do my breathing exercises (closed eyes, inhale exhale through nose while pushing my arms up, 30 times then pause – repeat 3 times)

Gratitude: think about 3 moments of your life you are really grateful for (big or small) spend 1 minute on each, remember it, feel it, live it fully.

Visualization /Affirmation: pick 3 goals and spend 1 min on each thanking God in advance for what’s already yours. Don’t ask for anything, just say Thank you as if already happened.

Journaling: write down anything that comes to your mind, how you feel, what you want, how you’ve been, really, anything. The power of writing things down on a paper is incredible, you have a higher chance of accomplishing what you wish for, or if you feel unwell, stressed or you have negative thoughts, when you put them down you basically release all the tension, you’ll feel so much better.

Planning: I have an agenda where I plan all my day very detailed (with timings), I also plan my week and my month. I set up all the major events, tasks, things I want to accomplish in that day. Everything goes down on the paper. Don’t start your day until you have it finished.

Reading: I made a habit of reading daily for min. 20 minutes. It’s so important to constantly feed your brain. Sometimes I get so caught into it, but I keep my eyes on the watch because, remember, you need to get done so much more in the day. So staying within the time frame it’s quite important, unless you have some spare time let’s say. 🙂 If reading is not always possible for you, listening to a podcast or learning something new, will work as well.

These are the major steps I do every single morning, there is no place for excuses, that means that no matter where I am, no matter what the time is or how busy life gets, I make time for myself to get up before and make sure my day starts in the best way possible.

It’s very important that from the moment you wake up, until you finish your ritual, you don’t touch your phone, you don’t go through emails, messages or social media. The only thing I use my phone in the morning for is to listen to podcasts or motivational videos on YouTube. Otherwise, don’t allow your phone to be a distraction for you, unless you want to have a bad day.

While I workout I love to listen to motivational podcasts so I double my time when I am feeding my brain with information, one is when I workout and the second time is when I do my reading at the end of my morning ritual.

There are so many other things I try to take care of throughout the day, but I don’t want to make this article even longer as I want you to be focused on the morning routine more than anything.

You are responsible for how you feel and how your day goes and if you start it in the right way, nothing can touch you, believe me.

Points to keep in mind:

  • The average millionaire wakes up at 4 am.
  • If you do what is hard, your life will be easy.
  • Wake up before your competitor.
  • Think how much you can get done in those extra hours when everyone is still asleep.
  • Call the things you want in your life. Say thank you.
  • Remember to clean from the night before, you have to wake up in a tidy house.
  • Every morning you have another chance to become better and to achieve your goals.

I hope you enjoyed my article and if you find it useful make sure to share it with your family or friends and don’t forget:

“The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live.”




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